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Seasonal Palm Tree Types

With its stout trunk and elegant crown of plumose leaves, the Queen Palm is common and familiar sight in streets, gardens, and parks all around the world.
Pygmy palm is a dwarf palm tree with brown-black color with a fine-leafed crown. This palm is very decorative in garden landscapes and as office plants. Containerizing the Pygmy date palm is the most popular use of this palm. The Pygmy palm is a top choice for low light situations for indoor or outdoor use.
A palm with cold tolerance that has a wide crown that needs space or a site with proper cale
The Foxtail Palm grows a solitary, smooth, slightly, spindle-shape trunk that supports a full crown of the most beautiful, densely plumose fronds. It will grow and even tolerate some light frost.
The Bottle Palm is a well known and very popular ornament palm. It produces a curiously swollen trunk, the shape of which is somewhat reminiscent of a champagne bottle. The crown holds up to five leathery, pinnate fronds supported by slender, waxy crown shaft. The Bottle Palm is a tough plant that can take drought.
This fast growing, robust, and immensely popular ornamental palm with the tristichious leaf arrangement hardly needs an introduction. This palm will do well in warm temps and will tolerate a little frost. It is good for single landscape planting or even makes a very nice indoor palm.
The Cat Palm is a small and very pretty palm from Mexico that lives near streams. It produces large, dense clusters of trunkless plants, about (4ft) tall, with soft, dark green leaves. It is one of the best palms for indoor decoration, but will also do well outdoors in both sunny and shady spots.
The Bismarck Palm has a full crown of large, silvery-blue, circular, fan shaped leaves and a tall columnar trunk. Bismarck Palm develops fairly quickly into a large and stunning tree that is excellently suited for parks, attractions, or breathtaking avenues. It can tolerate some frost and wants a place in full sun.
This solitary, neat palm is popular choice for small areas, residential yards, entrance ways, and pool enclosures and as a container porch plant. It is available in double and triple trunks.
Are the most universal and widely distributed palm tree in the world. The coconut palm has become a symbol of the tropics for homeowners and developers in Flordia
The Planter Box is designed to fit Palms that are ordered by our customers for above ground location. Some planters are of wood and some are large plastic trays. (Depends on size of root system on palms.) Our wooden planters are made out of treated wood and are dressy enough for any location or event. The four sided planter is also great for advertisement and your business logos.